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Comprehensive Pain Management Centre - one stop solution for all your pain problems. Pain, due to various reasons, when unresolved, can lead to a state of chronic pain not responding to various types of treatments and can ultimately deplete one’s physical and emotional energy. This often leads to prolonged suffering and loss of quality of life often interfering with one’s daily activities by giving an overall sense of ill health. It is understandable that the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently identified chronic pain as one of the major public health concerns of the 21st century.

Treatment & Procedures


Pain management is a modern super speciality division of medicine requiring a deep understanding and knowledge on the subject with sophisticated training in the intervention methods. Our Comprehensive Pain Management Clinic and Solutions Centre now has such specially qualified and experienced Pain Specialist trained in the UK to meet the unmet needs of patients suffering from unresolved chronic pain.


    Dr. Jagadeesan

    Dr. Jagadeesan

    Pain Medicine
    (Jayanagar - Bengaluru)
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