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H Gopinath

Patient name : H Gopinath
Hospital id: MMH000160937
Department : General Surgery
I must say that the services provided by all the concern doctors, nurses and other staff have been quite satisfactory. Operation itself was quite smooth and easily handled by Dr. H. R Ravi, Dr. Sanjeetha and the anesthetist. Everyone in the operating room was courteous and all of them put me at easy if at all I had any anxiety about the operation. I was quickly dispelled. Finally all said and done. I am happy that I choose Dr. Malathy Manipal Hospital for getting treatment over other hospital.

Shantha Ram Pai K

Patient name : Shantha Ram Pai K
Hospital id: MMH000161505
Department : General Surgery
I visited this hospital on 28/9/2015 and consulted Dr. H R Ravi about my medical insure. As per the advise, I got admitted on 29/9/2015 for a surgery. The whole time that I spent at the hospital was pleasurable and care taken by everyone is memorable.
As such, I rate the overall service as excellent.
My special thanks to Dr. H R Ravi and his associate for the medical help. I also place on record my service thanks to Ms Prema, the ward in charge. I request the hospital administration to appreciate the service of St Prema on a suitable forum.

Manu Kumar

Patient name : Manu Kumar
Hospital id: MMH000152391
Department : Urology
Doctor identified the problem and quickly operated with care and advice from the doctor was always very helpful and helped us a lot. Consultation with staff like nurses, doctors, billing and insurance people was informative and fruitful.

Leeladevi D

Patient name : Leeladevi D
Hospital id: MMH000154859
Department : Urology
At manipal hospital I really felt comfortable and am happy with the services rendered by you. I am impressed by the care and concern showed by sister Shivashankari and sister Renuka. though I stayed a lone here they made me feel comfortable. the true humbleness and kindness was found in both of them. I would like to thank them whole heatedly. thanks for dr. Nagasubramanyam and dr. Kalpana.

Monish S Priya Raviraja

Patient name : Monish S Priya Raviraja
Hospital id: MMH000158397
Department : Pediatric
Yes there hospital is very good. They showed very good caring on us. Overall quality of product and service standard was very good. Treatment is very nice and nurses will come time to time regularly and they are caring the patient very smoothly. all medical facilities are very good. I am very glad to say that all of them including doctors cared me very well. Yes I am impressed with a staff member because they are doing their duties and responsibilities very well and they are taking care if the patients very good. Sr. Nagarathna is very good.

Priya Raviraja

Patient name : Priya Raviraja
Hospital id:MMH000149001
Department : OBG
Excellent doctor . Dr. Jyothsna handled the critical situation of my delivery very well we are very very great full to her. All the nurses and cleaners are very co operative. obviously dr Jyothsna. because of dr we have selected this hospital. we are even very happy with the labour room nurse Devaki

Saritha K

Patient name :Saritha K
Hospital id:MMH000162731
Department : Plastic Surgery
Everything was good. Dr B.C. Ashok sir was excellent and extra ordinary right from the first consultation to the operation. Nice experience and stay was pleasant. of course Dr. Anupama was also too good. Very nice team work.


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